"There is no future without history"... 11.09.2023

"There is no future without history"...

Of course, this is an appropriate phrase. It was this Bahadir Yalangtosh who lived in 1576(78) - 1656, showed bravery in battles, was a great commander and governor (emir) of Samarkand, (Abdukarim Yalangtoshbi Bahadir Boyhoji's son ) Talk about Bahadir Nalangtosh. At that time, the territory of Samarkand was under the rule of the Khanate of Bukhara. The events of the work mainly include the years 1619 and 1640. It is during these years that Yalangtosh Bahadir contributed to the development of our land, and the great work and hardships that led to the construction of Tillakori and Sherdar madrasahs, which are among our great monuments, are brought to life in the work. The figure of the great general, the emir of Samarkand, Bahadir Yalangtosh, who was the cause of the creation of the Registan Ensemble, occupies an important place in the imagination and hearts of today's and future generations.


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