We must look at both Navoi and Shakespeare as Adam, as our neighbor. You have to talk to them. We need to ask for advice, we need to rely on them, we can even fight and protest when the time comes. Only then will they be able to entertain you. Otherwise, it will languish, like a stone statue, and you will fall in love, read a thousand works, you will not get anything. We don't know how to talk to adults…


People's Artist of Uzbekistan BAHODIR YULDOSHEV and HAMZA HAKIMZODA NIYAZIY dramaturgy.

Hamza is one of the playwrights standing in line with Shakespeare. Only we are unaware of this. Do a search on the internet and you will be sure that people abroad know it better than we think. His Maysara, Salihboyu Mulladost and other heroes are well known to foreign audiences. Such people should not be treated as one nation, they should be approached on the basis of universal criteria.


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