"Beware, people" 3.05.2023


Another creative group of the theater organized a creative tour in the cities and districts, villages and neighborhoods of our region, and presented the play "Beware, people" dedicated to the topic of human trafficking, which is one of the most painful issues in the world today. are brought to their attention. Farid Rasulov, Shohsanam Oblokhlova, Gozal Kurbanova, Azod Kurbanov, Sarvinoz Saitova, Elbek Boymatov, Shohsanam Rahimova, Hilola Eshonkulova, Fazliddin Bolikulov, Husen Mahmudov, Behruz Qurbanaliev, Hayot Hamidov, Abdulaziz Toshtemirov, Umida Roziboeva and others played the main roles in the play. perform.


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