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When the apricot blossomed

The plot of the tale occurs in the season when the apricot tree bears fruit.

One of the two neighbors, the generous and hardworking grandfather Orzikul, the other neighbor, the greedy, displeased grandfather Kupaysinboy. The situation develops tension between rich and poor.

Granddaughter of  Orzikul bobo Tozagul and grandson of Kupaysinbay Utkurbek, they are friends with each other.

Orzikul bobo planted in the courtyard with his granddaughter Tozagul, a magical apricot seed that turns into a tree and shares fruit with each guest. Not seeing this generosity, the neighbor Kupaysinbay fulfills his evil intention.

The Tale reflects the struggle between good and evil, industriousness and laziness, generosity and greed.


Samarqand viloyati
musiqali drama teatri
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Telefon/Faks: (0366) 235-51-54, 235-17-60

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